Brainstorming invitation

We propose to legislate citizens’ right to be constitutionally – not-represented .

This right will be materialized by the appearance on the ballot of a heading “I do not want to be represented .”

If most of those present and voting are stamping this section, no representative for that legislature will be sent to Parliament. One might argue that this way we will have no representatives at all, but we thought of that one too  LINK1

REASONS: As nowadays conceived, democracy has a major conceptual glitch : it REQUIRES representation of citizens , even against their will .

To force somebody to be represented is absolutely undemocratic .

If I , as citizen , do not want to be represented in parliament or local level ? What means of expression do I have ? With what results ? Media suggests that you can stay at home in poll’s day if you like , thus showing your disapproval . But this does not mean that you have the option to choose not to be represented. Your presence to vote in the current system does not solve that situation .

Hypothetically , in the event that a ” thief ” and a ” rapist ” would run , current system puts the citizen in the position to choose between the two . Which one of both? Tough choice ! The choice nowadays … the smallest harm done …. Let’s say that most people will refuse to go to the polls in this situation. One of the candidates will still be elected anyway, in the current system, even if he is voted by two friends, a mother and an abused wife. Did we solve anything? I think not.

The consequence is that most citizens choose not to vote, out of anger. Also as a consequence a minority leads the majority , against the latter’s will : If 39 % of voters go to vote ( and the figure is down ), the majority that will lead (say 16%) will actually represent only 6.2 % of the total population who decides for all 100 % . In terms of numbers , 1.1 million people decide to 18.4 million . And we call this democracy ? What should be done ? We offer a solution presented as a basis for discussion to help us make a sound legislative proposal

Advantages : the proposed system will boost vote presence , leading to a real political battle involving all citizens interested in public life . We will not have 70 % non-representation due to unhappyness with the system. Unhappy citizens will finally have the opportunity to stand out. Political environment will be cleaned of opportunists who buy positions in parliament / local councils. They will pay for this on the voting lists , as before , but will not have the certainty that whatever the vote of citizens, one of them will not lose money . They will face the possibility that none of them gets elected. And public money will be saved . No more political scum imposed by various parties. No more unjustified public spendings . A smaller number of representatives will mean a smaller number of relatives, friends and public officials friends paid by our money . We no more be the country with 588 parliamentarians from 19 million, ace of representation . The system will eventually bring in front the people who really want to honestly engage in public life, but were not allowed by “crooks” .

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