About us

The „Civicus Romania” Association is a non-profit, legal entity. The purpose of the association is to strenghten and support the civic initiatives and the involvment of the civil society in the public, socio-economical and cultural life. CIVICUS ROMANIA – authorised by the Chamber of Deputies, is constantly involved in the course of the legal process of intervening in the legal amendments to support the civil society.
The targets of the associaton are:
1. Defending the human rights and liberties
2. Promoting the community actions of monitoring the statutory decisions both locally and nationally as well as involving the civil society in the decisional process, especially the youngsters.
3. Involving the civil society in the level reduction of the birocracy and assuring judiciary independence.
4. Promoting the rights and the interests of the youngsters locally, nationally and abroad.
5. Involving the youngsters in civil society’s actions and stimulating the associative phenomenon.
6. Promoting the European values and the community’s aquis.
7. Facilitating the colaboration between the NGOs at a national and international level for the enhancement of the civil society and the active involvment of the youth.
8. Promoting and developing partnerships between associative structures and public institutions with involvment in the decision-making process.
9. Promoting the mobility of the young people abroad an the intercultural exchanges; promoting knowledge and the planning of cultural events; promoting the voluntary work and volunteers’ exchange programmes.
10. Counselling youngsters about the financial instruments of the European Union, making marketing studies and bussines plans.
11. Promoting sports activities and tourism
12. Promoting the safety and flowing of the traffic
13. Promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle